Our art classes are designed for students to have the chance to demonstrate skills using a variety of materials, tools, techniques and processes resulting in the creation of works of art. 


At the same time, students will recognize and use the visual arts as a form of communication.  Students will also learn new terminology to be able to see, talk about, and analyze art, identify and apply elements of art, and principles of design.


Physical Education

Physical Education is defined as "education through movement." It is an instructional program that addresses all learning domains like psycho-motor and cognitive. 


This makes physical education a necessary component of the total school curriculum. It is not enough to educate children academically; they must also be educated physically.

From Pre-Schoo to 12th grade!



This is a class where high school students have a chance to learn and demonstrate technology and design skills resulting in the creation of the school’s yearbook.


They will create using specialized software to build, modify and design their yearbook. They will also be taking the pictures themselves, taking advantage of school activities and classes to have the material necessary to create each page.



The Music Department covers almost all levels. From Pre-School to 12th grade.


Our main goal is to teach the students the importance of music in their lives, and let them know that music develop areas such as coordination, concentration and leadership.


The goal is that students learn how to appreciate music including various genres.


Life Skills

With our Life Skills program we provide an in-class space structure to better deal with conflict, socual pressure and promote healthy lifestyles.

These classes are set to practice nonviolent communication; prevention and cessation of bullying; teaching children about peace, self control and respect for others.

Basic skills for life that allow them to make wiser decisions and be prepared for meaningful and emotionally healthy lives.

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