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Tel: (506) 2293-2567

Ciudad Cariari, La Asuncion

Belen, Heredia

Costa Rica.

Fax: (506) 2239-0625

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Policies and Procedures

School Handbooks


New playground for

lower elementary!

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AdvancED Policies and Procedures

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AdvancED Accreditation Policies and Procedures!


School Handbooks

AIS Handbooks are designed to be an awareness tool for students, parents, and faculty concerning the different policies, procedures, guidelines and other pertinent information that will allow the experience at AIS to be as successful as possible.




MAP | Measures of Academic Progress

Direct answers for frequent questions.

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Admin offices remodeling

New outside furniture!

Renovated gardens

and green areas

New surrounding fence!

Renovated gardens

and green areas

New state of the art

eco-friendly water fountains

around the school!

... and others such as:

- A/C in ALL rooms!

- Celtics Soccer Academy

- Installation of almost 6000 square meters of new roofing

- Installations of almost 5500 square meters of new ceilings

- Installation of 340 plus LED lamps

- Installation of school wide aluminum door and window frames

- Power generator covering all school needs in case of public grid failure

- New furniture for staff

- Administration offices remodeling

- Music and maintenance rooms remodeling

- Blacktop remodeling