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The Middle School years are a journey through early adolescence, where intellectual and social changes are rapid and varied, so our faculty delivers a program aimed to meet these needs, committed to offering you a well-rounded, student-centered, and hands-on academic and co-curricular program, ensuring an outstanding learning experience for your child.

Our ultimate goal is not only to stretch and develop each student to his or her maximum potential, but also to equip them with the critical, effective, academic, behavioral and study skills to guarantee success in high school and college.

The AIS Middle School philosophy promotes challenging academic programs and diverse educational opportunities in an international setting. 

We believe that our mission is best realized when the learning environment is friendly, inclusive and welcoming; the learners are stimulated by new experiences and challenged to explore. The educators are enthusiastic, energetic and positive about their work and their students.

While encouraging individual responsibility and choice in a structured environment, we also recognize that middle school students are undergoing dramatic development in all phases of life.  For this reason, appropriate experiences and expectations provide for developmental and cultural differences.​

Research shows that parent involvement is high on the list of factors contributing to a student's success in school.  Our goal is to work together with you to provide the best educational program possible for your children.  We encourage you to become engaged; there are many ways:

  • Take the time each day to talk to your children about their experiences in school.  Your consistent interest in their progress and personal development will motivate them to want to learn.

  • Maintain contact with your child(ren)'s teachers.  Let your child know you are working together with the teachers and the school to help make their education beneficial in every way.

  • Be supportive of the exciting school-wide activities

  • Get involved with the AIS P.T.O.​ (Parent Teacher Organization)

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