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The elementary school at AIS is our largest school division, boasting an average enrollment of approximately 150 students. We dedicate our efforts to providing our students with an exemplary education that will serve them well as global citizens in the 21st century.

Our elementary classrooms are always buzzing with learning and activities. Students are engaged in a dynamic American international curriculum which is primarily implemented through project-based activities.  Our curriculum areas are taught by a dedicated group of teachers who facilitate the students learning in a variety of creative ways.

Our Language Arts program, Journey's, is supplemented by other resources as teachers see fit and permit our students to work at independent levels. Daily oral reading and writing prompts are used at all grade levels to foster reading and writing skills.

In addition, our math curriculum, Pearson Realize Envision 2015, guides student's progress through the concepts while engaging in consistent hands-on and real-life math applications.

In our social studies program, Harcourt, we cover standards and benchmarks by taking into consideration the history, geography and culture of our host nation, the home nations of our student body, and that of the United States of America. Students go on field trips to visit the Children’s Museum, INBIO and The National Theater and many others over the academic year.

Our science program, Science Fusion, explores hands-on learning with lab experiments, observation activities, and recycling projects which directly engage students in their learning. This program also includes a digital component that allows students to explore science through technology. Field trips take us to volcanoes, observation of leather-back and green turtles laying eggs, waterfalls, banana plantations, hummingbirds, butterflies gardens, among others.

In our special area subjects – Computers, Music, Spanish, Art and Physical Education- resource teachers work closely with classroom teachers to support core curriculum learning.  

In our after-school activities our students enjoy classes that provide enrichment and create the balance between academics and activities. The roster of programs is changed every semester to meet the interests of the students. Our talented students have the option to test into an Enrichment Program, which is an extra academic course students must manage on top of their regular classes.

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