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Each of our levels provides our students with age-appropriate programs, resources and activities; that really results on them feeling welcomed, confident and independent!

Every morning we begin the day with stories, rhymes and songs followed by a variety of hands-on activities that promote concept acquisition.

Our levels are:

                      Pre-school                     Pre-kinder                         Kindergarten

Each level follows an American curriculum aligned with AERO standards in our four subject areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

The program for Language Arts begins in Preschool with "Handwriting Without Tears"; continuing  in  Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten with the program "Super Kids". During Kindergarten the students work with Science Fusion from Harcourt. 


These programs guide our students through a variety of hands-on activities and digital components. Social Studies curriculum is complemented with the Social Studies Harcourt program.

Our Math program for Kindergarten is Realize Envision 2015 the Addison Wesley/ Scott Foreman; each chapter introduces and is complemented with several activities in which they use manipulatives and other materials.

Early childhood classrooms are spacious, inviting and colorful. Students have access to manipulatives, books and other materials in order to promote social interaction, skill development and creativeness.

Students are able to play, work and interact in a healthy and friendly environment. Methodologies, activities and resources are carefully planned to facilitate the learning process and allowing each student to perform at his/her own pace but not falling behind.

Our three levels of Early Childhood offer English instruction at all times except when attending Spanish class. Our weekly schedules provide the opportunity to attend special classes such as: Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Music, Library and Robotics and computers.

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